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Spring Cleaning: Maintaining your Chimney during COVID-19

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Now that you're spending more time at home, you may be using your stove more, especially if it's your primary source of heat. With more time at home we think it’s the perfect time to give your wood burning stove a service, as it gives you plenty of time to clean, identify any problems, or even refresh your stove. We have provided an easy 'How To' guide below to help you get the most out of your wood burning stove all year round.

Tip 1: Remove soot from the glass

Often, it is normally enough to burn an intensely hot fire for a short period of time. The heat will burn off the soot particles attached to the glass, and leave it clean. You should always be looking for a hot, fast burn, as this will be the cleanest, most efficient way of running the stove.

Alternatively, we recommend the following method:

First, moisten a piece of newspaper in clean water, and then dip it carefully in the ashes on the bottom of the stove. Next, rub the the glass with the ashes, and repeat until the burnt-on dirt is gone.Finally, wipe the glass with a clean piece of newspaper to remove remaining soot particles.

Tip 2: Clean out your firebox

Clean the inside of the firebox thoroughly when the stove is completely cool.

Begin by removing the excess ash using a dustpan and brush, and then dispose of it safely. Ashes cannot be composted, but can be used as fertiliser if it stems from clean, untreated wood. Once removed, use a vacuum cleaner to really get the last of it all out.Using a brush head attachment may be useful to get into the nooks inside, and to clean in and around the grate.

Tip 3: Have your Chimney Swept

As an essential service, Home-Sweep is able to continue sweep and chimney services and is complying with all of the government guidance surrounding COVID-19.

Anything from tar to birds’ nests can get stuck in your flue, and this can increase the risk of chimney fires and reduce the efficiency of your stove. We recommend having your chimney swept semi-annually to reduce these risks and to ensure you get the most out of your stove.

We recommend using a certified sweep, who will inspect your chimney and flue before undertaking a thorough cleaning with the right equipment. With specialist equipment, Home-Sweep can sweep all types of chimneys, flues and liners by brush and vacuum.

Please be assured that I will observe the very strictest guidance in terms of cleanliness to avoid any potential contamination; there is no need for any personal contact, and wherever possible I would advise customers to place themselves in another room throughout my visit. I continue my common practice of wearing a fresh pair of nitrile gloves prior to entering your house and will only remove them when I have left the property. I will also wear a face mask throughout. I will continue to issue sweeping certificates for insurance purposes and for your own records. To prevent contact, rather than issuing a certificate at the time, I will record the visit on our database. A hard copy will be made available should you require it.

Call us on 07711441459, or visit our website for more information.



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