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How to Store Your Wood

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

It’s always a good idea to have enough firewood at home to last a few months - you never know just how cold it’s going to get during the year! While the rain holds off, you can begin drying and storing your own wood by following our tips below:

  • Stack your logs in a south facing spot that gets a little bit of wind - drying logs depends on air movement and warmth!

  • Stack your logs about 3" or 4" off the ground to allow air to flow underneath the stack.

  • Cover the top to protect the logs from rain and snow - a tarpaulin will do!

  • Logs usually take a year or two to dry out if you've cut them yourself or bought them as freshly felled green timber.

If you don’t already have somewhere dry to store plenty of logs then why not think about getting a log store. You can buy a log store or make one yourself - why not make it your new project? We built ours in Summer 2013 and look at it now!

Get Creative! We'd love to see pictures of your log stores - send them to or post them on our Facebook page.



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