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5 Ways to Cook with Your Stove

With the weather getting frosty, hopefully you're getting great use out of your stove. We've reached out to our customers and looked for inspiration online to give you our 5 favourite ways to use a wood-burning stove. Whether it's cookies or casserole, try one of our suggestions with friends and family this winter!

1. Tea/Coffee

Whether you're a tea or a coffee person, you can use your stove to heat up water, or brew an espresso pot. We love coffee, and with the weather turning slightly more wintery, we've been brewing our espresso on the stove top - and everyone appreciates how wonderful the house smells in the morning!

2. Cookies

Stove-top cookies are super simple and so delicious! Baking cookies on top of a stove is similar to making pancakes - once you've made your mixture, use a spoon to scoop the mixture into the pan, cook until you can see the edges turning brown, and turn gently until they're golden on both sides.

3. Raclette

We recently had the pleasure of hosting friends and family from Switzerland, whose favourite dish is Raclette. Traditionally, Raclette is cooked in front of a fire, and served with pickles, potatoes, and lots of wine. We set up our stove outside, placed the cheese on an aluminium covered board, and rotated it every thirty seconds or so until the top layer was melted. Some stoves can be used with the stove door open - be sure sure to check your manufacturers instructions being attempting this one!

4. Casserole

If you have a cast iron pot and a steel or cast iron stove, a casserole or stew is an easy-to-prepare, one pot dish, that can be cooked on top of your stove. You can cook the entire dish on  your stove - fry off your meat first, add vegetables to the pot, add your seasoning, and finally cover your meat and vegetables with stock and cover it with a lid. Once you've turned down the heat, allow it to simmer for several hours (but be sure to check it at regular intervals) - delicious and warming for autumn/winter!

5. Toasted Marshmallows

Anyone that's been camping will have no doubt had the pleasure of toasting marshmallows over a campfire. If you have a wood-burning stove, indoor or outdoor, there's no reason you can't enjoy schmores and more sat by your stove. Again, ensure you read your manufacturers instructions before using your stove with the door open.

If you and your friends have any more stove top recipes, send them to or share them on our Facebook page.



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